The LA 1 Relocated project will provide an 18-mile, fully access controlled, elevated highway on a new location between Golden Meadow (LA 3235) and Port Fourchon (LA 3090). The project is designed so that major portions can be constructed using “top-down” construction methods to protect our sensitive wetlands and marshes. Phased construction is being used to allow the project to be constructed in segments as funding permits. The first 4 phases, 1A, 1B, 1C, and 1D are now complete and opened to traffic; the old movable bridge over Bayou Lafourche has been removed. Phase 2 is scheduled to be let in the 4th quarter of 2021.
The LA 1 Relocated Project includes:
  • Approximately 18 miles of low-level and medium-level bridges
  • Fixed high-level bridge over Bayou Lafourche (Leeville Bridge) with 73 feet vertical opening
  • Channel crossings of navigable Boudreaux and Bollinger Canals
  • Two elevated bridge intersections located north and south of Leeville Bridge connecting relocated LA 1 with existing road
  • Two interchanges at LA 3235, and LA 3090, the project termini
  • Toll Customer Service Center, kiosk network and open-road tolling equipment
Project Phasing
Phase 1A: Fourchon to Leeville Bridge – Approximately 5 miles, 40-foot wide, two-lane elevated highway south of Leeville Bridge to LA 3090 in Port Fourchon. Open to traffic
Phase 1B: Leeville Bridge Approaches and Connectors – Approximately 4 miles, Two-lane interchanges and connector roads north and south of the Leeville Bridge. Open to traffic
Phase 1C: Leeville Bridge Replacement – Two-lane, fixed-span, high-level bridge over Bayou Lafourche. Open to traffic
Phase 1D: Customer service center, open-road tolling equipment and intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Completed
Phase 2: Final Design is ongoing and scheduled to be let in the 4th quarter of 2021.