LA 1 Bridge at Leeville is a tolled bridge
Toll Rate Schedule: Go to our statewide toll system site at
Customer Service Center Location: 1821 South Alex Plaisance Blvd. (Hwy. 3235) in Golden Meadow (Full toll tag and account sales and service).
GeauxPass - Louisiana's statewide toll system! With GeauxPass you can drive on Louisiana toll roads and enjoy non-stop driving without getting out of your vehicle to pay tolls.
Pay on the Road: In-Lane Payment Machine.  In order to allow greater flexibility and enhanced convenience for LA 1 toll payments, a new in-lane cash and charge machine was installed at the expressway in Summer 2012. The new machine offers a multi-mode payment solution to provide non-GeauxPass or non-toll tag customers a convenient “in-lane” method to pay their LA 1 toll.
Tips to Pay on the Road:
  • Have your payment ready
  • Coins are quicker than cash
  • Credit spends in half the time
  • Know your vehicle class
  • Pull within arm’s length of machine